Public workshops

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I'm currently finishing up planning my Autumn schedule to include a selection of workshops from the following topics, so if there are any you are particularly interested in, please let me know in the "Areas of interest/suggestions" field on the sign-up form:

the sonnet redux masked poetry visual poetry  |  redrafting and editing  |  writing motherhood  |  safety in surreality new approaches to rhyming 

Private workshops

I am available to teach tailored poetry workshops for private groups and schools. Please contact me directly for more information.

Examples of past workshops:

Memories and Lies

A two hour long zoom workshop where we escape the present by crafting poems using a heady combination of real memories and bare-faced lies. the workshop is focused on creating new material and is suitable for all levels.

In an anonymous survey, 100% of the participants in this workshop agreed they would recommend one of my workshops.

Strange Worlds: a Visual Poetry Workshop

A workshop focusing on visual poetry. Participants are invited to be the settlers on a newly terraformed planet (or setting of their choice). They will produce a collaborative calligram and go on to create their own visual poems. At Nine Worlds 2018, participants displayed their poems as a pop-up exhibition following the workshop.

“Angela is a great teacher, always ready to give suggestions but never judgmental; the time limit, not being alone, thinking carefully about every word, turned it all into my favourite Nine Worlds experience of this year. I want more.” – Visual Poetry Workshop participant

Masked Poetry

A workshop where participants choose and wear a mask of their choice throughout. The workshop focuses on freedom through pretence and the use of personae in poetry with the focus on producing new material.

“Angela was skilled, professional and lovely. The masked workshop was fascinating and immersive; I would recommend it as a way of getting out of your comfort zone and creating something new.” – Masked Poetry Workshop participant

Upcoming workshops

11th October:
Loving Cuts: an online poetry editing workshop

An online workshop focused on revision and editing techniques for poets.

This zoom poetry workshop will help you sharpen up your revision and editing skills, and equip yourself with knives fit for whatever is needed - cutting, paring, slicing or dicing. We'll be talking techniques and processes, and we'll be trying them out on our own poems. We'll also be taking a look at examples of how some published poems have changed as they've been revised and edited.  Find out more...

1st November:
From Behind the Mask: online masked poetry 

An online masked workshop using personae in poetry with Angela Cleland.

This post-halloween zoom poetry workshop will see us unzipping ourselves from our normal inhibitive skins and turning up to write as someone new.

We’ll explore how hiding behind a persona can free us up to write about things we find uncomfortable, and how working with different voices can lead us places we were afraid to go. Come in costume – whether it’s a zoom filter, a full-on superhero outfit, an alter ego cobbled together from things you’ve found around the house, or just a simple paper or foam mask, make sure you’re not quite yourself!  Find out more...

more coming soon...

Mentoring and feedback

I am available for mentoring, one-to-one feedback sessions and manuscript assessments in the Egham and London areas (and nationwide via Zoom). Please see the Poetry School website for details and rates.

Please note, with the exception of students in the Surrey area (when the weather is clement!) all meetings will currently take place via Zoom.

“Angela has been mentoring me since June 2018. Through gentle coaching, she has helped me express what I was trying to say and validated my desire to say it.” – poetry mentee

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