After a post-Christmas hiatus, during which I've been beginning to build my audio narration portfolio, I'm currently planning my Summer 2022 poetry workshop schedule. Keep an eye on my Twitter (@AngelaCleland) or sign up for my newsletter to make sure you are the first to know about any more that are added.

Real Cute Danger
I'm thrilled to announce that my third full poetry collection Real Cute Danger will be published by the wonderful Broken Sleep Books in December 2022. Massive thanks to editor Aaron Kent and the editorial advisory board.

Here's how I pitched the book: Real Cute Danger views the experience of having children through the prism of horror and science fiction. It’s concerned with how the process of childbirth peels back your human trappings and exposes you for the animal you are, the treatment of women and women’s bodies during and post-pregnancy, and how the devastating cocktail of love and fear served up by a child can change you, sometimes in disturbing ways. 

I can't wait for everyone to real this book, which is very close to my heart.

I'm in Costa with the other new mums again

After a very positive response to my "I'm in Costa with the other new mums again" poems, which appeared in The Poetry Review this Spring, I recorded a short reading of them, which you can view above. These are taken from my third collection Real Cute Danger, (forthcoming from Broken Sleep Books, 2022). 

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Office Hours

On Mondays and Thursdays I am now running virtual office hours appointments, bookable via Eventbrite. These appointments are offered on a pay-what-you-feel basis to make them available to everyone and to allow for a range of uses of the time offered. The idea is to try and make myself available to whoever needs me as a resource at reasonably short notice and with minimal barriers. You can find out more on Eventbrite.


Sunday 12th June  |  10:00 - 16:00
Creative Engines: Jump Leads

Within the poet and within each poem there is a creative engine: one driving the poet to write, the other getting the poem moving. Every now and then, one or other of them needs a jump-start.

Creative Engines: Jump Leads is the ideal workshop for poets who want to get some new drafts down on the page. A combination of group discussion and writing prompts designed specially for this workshop will ensure you have a fun and productive session.


More information and tickets available on Eventbrite.

Second Sunday of Every Month  |  Slots available
Critical Workshop Series

My Critical Workshop Series gives a small fixed group of 8 poets (maximum) the chance to meet via Zoom on a monthly basis to workshop poems, discuss contemporary poetry and develop their critical skills. Poems are circulated before the group meets so that everyone can read them prior to the workshop. I host, lead the topic discussions and feedback sessions, and suggest further reading to support everyone's work.


The series is priced at £150 for six 2.5 hour long sessions. The workshop currently runs on the second Sunday of each month 14:00-16:30. If you're interested in signing up for the Critical Workshop Series, please contact me for more details about what's involved.

"I've really enjoyed the two poetry workshops I've taken with you. Your creative exercises, your careful listening, and your sharp insight have helped me rethink my work in fresh ways. I've come away from each session with new tools and inspiration to craft stronger, more satisfying poems. Thank you!" - Jeanne Hillson, Chapel Hill, NC (Memories and Lies; Loving Cuts)

Jeanne has gone on to take part in the day long workshop Raw Materials and my Critical Workshop Series.

Mentoring and feedback

I am available for mentoring, one-to-one feedback sessions and manuscript assessments in the Egham and London areas (and worldwide via Zoom, time zones permitting). Please contact me for details and rates. I also provide these services via the Poetry School.

Please note, all meetings will currently take place via Zoom.

“Angela has been mentoring me since June 2018. Through gentle coaching, she has helped me express what I was trying to say and validated my desire to say it.” – poetry mentee

Private workshops

I am available to teach tailored poetry workshops for private groups and schools. Please contact me directly for more information.

Examples of past workshops:

Memories and Lies

A two hour long zoom workshop where we escape the present by crafting poems using a heady combination of real memories and bare-faced lies. the workshop is focused on creating new material and is suitable for all levels.

In an anonymous survey, 100% of the participants in this workshop agreed they would recommend one of my workshops.

Strange Worlds: a Visual Poetry Workshop

A workshop focusing on visual poetry. Participants are invited to be the settlers on a newly terraformed planet (or setting of their choice). They will produce a collaborative calligram and go on to create their own visual poems. At Nine Worlds 2018, participants displayed their poems as a pop-up exhibition following the workshop.

“Angela is a great teacher, always ready to give suggestions but never judgmental; the time limit, not being alone, thinking carefully about every word, turned it all into my favourite Nine Worlds experience of this year. I want more.” – Visual Poetry Workshop participant

Masked Poetry

A workshop where participants choose and wear a mask of their choice throughout. The workshop focuses on freedom through pretence and the use of personae in poetry with the focus on producing new material.

“Angela was skilled, professional and lovely. The masked workshop was fascinating and immersive; I would recommend it as a way of getting out of your comfort zone and creating something new.” – Masked Poetry Workshop participant

Future Playgrounds: an introduction to writing science fiction poetry (Taught with Judy Brown)
In this workshop we use science fiction as a prism through which to examine our past, present and future concerns. We’ll take inspiration from the science fiction poems that are already out there, engaging in close reading to uncover their workings, and performing writing exercises to open our minds to the possibilities of writing poems in a speculative mode.

You can also see examples of more recent workshops on my Eventbrite page.